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Kassi Fitzgerald, Loving Mother, Loses Her Son (Obituary)

FILMMAKER’S NOTE: Kassi Fitzgerald appeared in the film “Haynesville” and immediately made a name for herself as a concerned citizen, conscientious environmentalist and, most importantly, a loving mom of two sons Matthew and Joseph. On Sunday, April 29, Kassi lost her son Joseph to a sudden illness. We are heartbroken that this has happened to such an amazing woman. Our thoughts and prayers go to her and her family. We have republished Joseph’s obituary below.

Joseph Caleb Fitzgerald , age 11, went home to be with Jesus on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at Willis-Knighton South ER after a sudden illness. Joseph was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and raised in Stonewall, Louisiana from age three. Joseph was a student at North Desoto Middle School where his favorite subject, his passion was art.

Joseph was a wonderful study in extremes. He could be quick to anger but also quick to hug. Joseph loved beautiful flowers and gardening we often talked about how bad people and bad experiences were like weeds in the garden, you just have to keep pulling them out and eventually you have more flowers than weeds. He loved to cook and had learned the different herbs in the garden and loved experimenting with them. Joseph loved jewels and jewelry making and art (his favorite art work was “Starry Night” by Van Gough. Music (his favorite songs were “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride and “Fire to The Rain” by Adele but he most related to Martina McBride’s song “Concrete Angel”. Joseph also enjoyed catching caterpillars, frogs and lizards and showing his Mom the differences between them. He was fascinated by bugs and reptiles and often spoke of being a gemologist or ichthyologist. Recently Joseph had begun to learn how to build things with his Mom and was excited to finally be getting the chance to use power tools.

Joseph loved the contemporary worship service at church and had an understanding of death and heaven beyond his years. He spoke of seeing his MauMau again someday and we know that now he is with her once again having conversations about bugs, jewelry, lizards, flowers and the many things that only she could relate to him about due to their similar early lives. Joseph will be missed my many. Our home will be quieter, our hearts will be sadder but we all will take comfort in knowing Joseph will never suffer again. He will never feel anger or pain or have nightmares again. Now he will only know joy and peace and the beauty of God’s love and for that we are grateful.

Joseph was preceded in death by his MauMau, M. Sue Harris and is survived by Grandparents, Ron and Shirley Kendrick and Jack and Thelma Fitzgerald; his Mom, Kassi Fitzgerald: Dad and Step Mom, Eddie and Elizabeth Fitzgerald; Brothers Clayton and Matthew Fitzgerald; biological Mom, Terri Jones; Mimi, Missi Dugas; biological sisters Breauna and Alia Jones and a host of loving Aunts and Uncles both biological and adopted by heart.

We would like to thank the North Desoto School System for their love and dedication to Joseph. We especially would like to thank Mrs. Angela Farmer, Mrs. Rocket, Mrs. Tara Falls, Couch Parker and Mrs. Shawnie Leach. We would also like to thank Dr. Clifton Vaughn and Counselor Lauren Finley for there steadfast dedication to Joseph.

Memorial services will be held Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 4:30 PM at the First Southern Methodist Church in Stonewall, LA
In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to the North Desoto Middle School art department or special education department in honor of Joseph.

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Director Gregory Kallenberg interviewed at the Aspen Ideas Festival (Video)

By the genConnect Staff

We connected with the Director and Producer of ‘Haynesville.’

Click the link below to watch genConnect Senior Editor Randi Zucker interview Kallenberg on his new film “Haynesville,��� which is about the United States’ hunt for new energy sources:

Gregory Kallenberg’s diverse background in writing and film-making focusing on journalism and television has led him on a unique journey. Kallenberg has written for Esquire, The New York Times,Texas Monthly, Austin American Statesman’s XL magazine, and for Bluefield Productions, which produces shows for the History Channel and A&E. Before creating “Haynesville,����������� Kallenberg directed “Eating Levi,” which is about Levi Oliver’s quest for eating fame.

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Haynesville Invited to Aspen Ideas Festival!


Contact: Chris Lyon, 318-213-6437,
EPK and graphic elements can be found at

Internationally Acclaimed Energy Documentary

to Receive Special Presentation

at the Aspen Ideas Festival

The new version of “Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future,��� the highly acclaimed energy documentary, will be featured at the prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival (presented by The Aspen Institute and Atlantic Monthly) at a special screening event on Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm. The event will be open to the public and will include an all-star pre-screening panel discussion as well as a post-screening Q&A with the film’s director, Gregory Kallenberg.

“Along with being invited to speak at TEDx and premiering at SXSW, The Aspen Ideas Festival is among the highest honors the film has received. This festival is the place where the world���s great minds meet to discuss our greatest issues,” says Kallenberg, the film’s director. “I look at this as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present our film and its message of a sustainable and affordable clean energy future to this amazing group of thinkers.”

The updated and expanded “Haynesville��� follows the historic discovery of the massive Haynesville Shale natural gas field found in northwest Louisiana and follows its impact on local people’s lives. The find is projected to hold 180 trillion cubic feet of gas or, in economic terms $1.75 trillion dollars worth of energy. The new version further addresses drilling issues and explores the impact the new shale gas discoveries could have on the United States’ energy future.

“The film provides a unique view into what it’s like to live through an energy boom and, in turn, what these resources could mean for our nation’s energy future,” said Mr. Kallenberg.

The Aspen Ideas Fest is a world-renowned event. The festival is known for hosting some of the most “inspired and provocative thinkers������� from a wide range of fields of study to engage in stimulating discussions regarding the world’s most important topics. Past speakers include Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, environmentalist Bill McKibben, and this year will include NPR’s Michele Norris, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and others.

“Energy and its sources are something we all take for granted. Energy is something we don’t really think about because it���s always there for us,” said Kallenberg. ���Hopefully, ‘Haynesville’ helps give some perspective on where our energy comes from, the impact it has on people’s lives and, ultimately the potential benefit this energy could potentially have for the United States.”

“Haynesville” has been lauded as a balanced and highly personal look at how energy affects our country and has been called “Moving“, “A revelation!” and “A humane take on an increasingly relevant—and complicated—subject.”

“Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future” will screen at the Doerr Hosier Center – Aspen Meadows Resort Tuesday, June 28, 2011 as a part of The Path to the Clean Energy Future Evening Exchange at 7:00pm. Doors open for the screening at 7:30 and a post-screening Q&A with director Gregory Kallenberg will take place immediately following the film.

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HAYNESVILLE bought by NBC/Universal and will play on CNBC – Official Release


Contact: Gregory Kallenberg, 512-751-9000,

“HAYNESVILLE: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future” will Premiere

On CNBC Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Internationally successful energy film will receive a special evening on CNBC dedicated to the film.

Additional showtimes scheduled on subsequent evenings.

After a successful international tour of the documentary “Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future” including sold-out screenings in New York, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Atlanta and Europe the film was purchased by NBC/Universal and will air on its CNBC network. “Haynesville”’s  world television premiere will be on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 9PM EST and will be followed by encore presentations at 10pm, 12am and 1am. In addition, the film will run Sunday, November 28th at 10pm.

“’Haynesville’ gives people a unique view into what it’s like to live during an energy and, in turn, what that energy boom could mean to our nation’s clean energy future,” said Gregory Kallenberg, the film’s director, “Now we are extremely excited to be working with CNBC to present the film and to present our story and our take on a pathway to a clean energy future to a nationwide audience.”

The 1-hour program, which features a special network cut to focus on the personal stories of the full length feature documentary, chronicles the historic discovery of the massive Haynesville Shale natural gas field, and follows its impact on local people’s lives. Specifically, the CNBC special features Louisiana Outdoorsman Mike Smith and community activist Kassi Fitzgerald are seen in the film dealing with the struggles of being caught in the middle the Haynesville boom. In the broader perspective, “Haynesville” invites the viewer to consider the potential impact this find’s natural gas supply will have on the nation’s energy future. The Haynesville Shale is projected to hold 180 trillion cubic feet of gas or, in economic terms $1.75 trillion dollars worth of energy.

“The discovery of shale gas in broad terms isn’t new. What’s new is the unique location and density of this fuel source,” added the film’s producer Mark Bullard, ���What we have here is a highly domestic and attainable energy supply that could impact the way America looks at energy- and it’s in these people�����s back yards.”

“Haynesville” has been lauded as a highly personal look at how energy affects our country and has been called “Moving“ and “A humane take on an increasingly relevant—and complicated—subject.”

“Energy is and its sources is something we all take for granted,” said Kallenberg. “Hopefully, ‘Haynesville’ helps give some perspective on where our energy comes from, the impact it has people’s lives and the potential benefit this energy could potentially have for the United States.”

We hope our film helps bring some perspective to the issue of landowner rights and, in its small way, starts a discussion to help create an energy solution for the United States.”


“Haynesville: A Nation���s Hunt for an Energy Future” Network Cut debuts Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 9PM EST followed by encore presentations at 10pm, 12am and 1am. In addition, the film will run Sunday, November 28th at 10pm. The feature-length edition of the film which features more personal stories and a discussion about natural gas and the American energy picture is available for order online at or the downloadable version is available exclusively on iTunes.

More information about the film and the “Haynesville” trailer can be found at:


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"Haynesville" Accepted at the Acadiana Film Festival

We wanted to write to let you know that we have been accepted to the 2010 Acadiana Fi

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Thanks to all for the sellout in Dallas!

A Letter to Our Friends at the Angelika screening in Dallas,

Thanks for being so enthusiastic about “Haynesville” and for all your notes of encouragement.

We are working to get back to your fair city and to spread the “Haynesville” message about a clean energy future.

For those who were shut out from getting in, thanks for being so patient. We owe you one.

Keep checking in for updates on further screenings.

Warm Regards,

Team Haynesville

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A Tweet From Our Fort Worth Screening

A tweet from Fort Worth Star Telegram writer Bud Kennedy:

“Battle of the gas movies: The emotional @GasLandMovie is on HBO Monday, but Louisiana-based @HaynesvilleFilm is fairer and smarter. See both.”

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“Haynesville” is showcased at Stranger than Fiction at New York’s IFC Center, June 1, 8pm


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HAYNESVILLE Selected for Coveted “Spotlight Premiere” Slot at SXSW Film 2010

The news came to the “Haynesville” production office in a deceptively simple and somewhat cryptic E-mail from Janet Pierson, SXSW’s producer of the film festival: “Congrats! You’re in! Call me.”

It was the deciphering of the message that was so important.  The documentary “Haynesville: The Relentless Hunt for Energy Future” had been chosen for the world-renowned SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.  Added to that, the film had earned a coveted “Spotlight Premiere” slot and would show at the historic Paramount Theater.

“I couldn’t believe it when Janet told me the news,” said Gregory Kallenberg, director of the film.  “Showing at SXSW was our highest goal.  After getting off of the phone, I actually think I had to sit down and process what had just happened.”

SXSW Film is globally known for being a top-tiered film festival and, with Sundance, the best festival in the country for documentaries.  This year, with less than 68 slots, SXSW broke a record by receiving over 750 documentary films.  Only 13 of the 68 are Spotlight Premieres.

“It’s an amazing honor, and just the way we wanted to premiere the film,” says Kallenberg.  “We feel like ‘Haynesville’ is an important film that needs to seen by the entire country, and we’re hoping that this prestigious showing helps position the film so that it can be seen by a wider audience.”

“Haynesville” plays on Tuesday, March 16 at 11am at the Paramount Theater.  Tickets will be available at the box office prior to the screening for $10.  SXSW badge holders can attend the screening as part of the conference.

ABOUT THE FILM: “Haynesville” is a film documenting the historic discovery of the nation’s largest natural gas field and its effect on three people’s lives.  The film also explores the potential impact of the Haynesville’s vast reserves of natural gas on a clean energy future.  The film has been honored by being an official selection at the Climate Summit in Copehagen and earned a Green Award nomination at the Sheffield International Doc/Fest in England.

ABOUT SXSW FILM: The SXSW® Film Conference and Festival is a uniquely creative environment featuring the dynamic convergence of talent, smart audiences and industry heavyweights. A hotbed of discovery and interactivity, the event offers lucrative networking opportunities and immersion into the art and business of the rapidly evolving world of independent film.


Gregory Kallenberg


More information and the film trailer:

Facebook group:

More information on SXSW Film:


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Copenhagen was great, so what’s next?

Many of you have been nice enough to inquire about Copenhagen and our screening of “Haynesville.”  The discussions seem be the same, often meandering from curiosity about the screening directly to questions about the conference and its results.  This usually leads to people letting me know how disappointed they were in the results reached in Copenhagen.  And that’s where I put the brakes on the conversation.

I find myself explaining again and again that I never had the expectation that the global community could agree on carbon limits.  Call me a cynic, but the international community can’t even agree on a standard distance for a 3-point shot in basketball.  What makes you think they can get it together on something this big?

With that in mind, while chewing on a danish (Danish, I might add), I started looking for (and found) something different in this global event.  I saw Copenhagen as serving a larger purpose than what was reported in the papers or discussed on cable television.  Copenhagen served as a launching point for a new energy and environmental movement.  More importantly, the summit/conference served as a place where these two disparate groups came together and pledged to work towards a common goal.  Believe it or not, this is a big deal.  The combination of the energy industry and the environmental advocacy movement working together will add up to some powerful results.

Think about it:  We all consume energy.  We all can agree that we’d like that energy to be as clean as possible.  These two simple statements (which, anecdotally, I actually heard the two groups agree on) will lead us to a cleaner and greener energy future.

As I watched and listened to the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to “Haynesville” at the Climate Summit, I noticed that the this summit could be much more than heads of state squabbling over eggshell-like agreements.  Hardcore energy advocates and hardcore environmental advocates were nodding at the screen and agreeing with the film’s message.  To me, this meant that, finally, they realized that they were sitting on the same side of the table.  And this realization was that essential first step towards coming up with a real solution for our energy future.  And this first step was the true accomplishment of the summit in Copenhagen.

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