Filmmaker's Blog | Thoughts on Moving (Upward)

Parting can be sweet sorrow.  Or, not.

The “Haynesville” production office is moving on up.  We are moving to the 10th floor which is literally “up”, as we are currently on the 9th floor.

Here is a picture of the space without crap in it:

Suite 1007, emphasis on the "007".  Come visit.As I leave 930F (our old space), I can’t help but think of the film and how we cut “Haynesville” here.  I look around as I leave for the last time.  Over there is where Chris, the editor, downed his eighth Coke so that he could power through till 4am (three nights in a row).  On the couch was where Mark would sneak his power naps.  And me?  Being a nervous eater of granola, my mark was made by piles of ground in whole oats in the carpet.

But now it’s a new space.  Clean and full of possibility. 1007.

So help us say goodbye to 930F and “hello” to 1007. I can’t wait to spill the first handful of granola.

-Gregory Kallenberg, Director of Haynesville