Energy News | New Taxis to Run on Natural Gas

A study released Thursday ranked Chicago as the most congested city. Now, a Chicago taxi company has announced its plan to run a dozen cabs on natural gas, instead of gasoline.

Taxi Medallion Management aims to drive down its total emissions by 25 percent, Crain’s Chicago Business reports.

The��Ford Transit Connect vans that the Yellow Cab Chicago affiliate purchased will help it reach that goal: natural gas emits fewer pollutants and fewer greenhouse gases.

The vans are also more fuel efficient — 23 miles per gallon, up 21 percent from a regular sedan cab, according to Crain’s.������The vans are set to arrive in March.


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  1. Joe Sixpack says:

    New Taxis to Run on Natural Gas via @AddToAny IN CHICAGO? WOW! #cspj #tcot

  2. @HaynesvilleFilm Chicago's taxi fleet is poised to switch to natural gas. Interesting news …