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Great speech, Barack. You mentioned “clean energy” about a zillion times.

Great delivery, as expected. At one point you got a smile out of perpetually-tanned House Minority Leader John Boehner. Usually frightened-looking Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner looked more teary-eyed than scared. (Though the tears may be about his job prospects. He could be cleaning out his desk soon.)

You gave the nation, and more so Congress, plenty to chew on. You certainly made some conservatives happy, but annoyed some liberals. (And likely really upset most environmentalists.)

On energy you got a rousing response from the crowd in asking for more nuclear power. Yet you didn’t mention that new nukes, in reality, if and when built, could be few and far between. You see, utility companies aren’t as excited about actually building large scale power generation projects as they were, say, 30 years ago. Now they’d rather just buy power when they can, do a few energy efficiency and smart grid projects to lessen demand, and yes, even build incremental renewable energy projects. It’s far easier to wire in a few solar panels to meet growing demand than to go through all the hassles of building and operating a new nuke, or any other large power plant.

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