Filmmaker's Blog | A Haynesville Roughneck From 1971 Weighs In

This is a note that was sent from a gentleman named Gary LaBlue.  While not part of the current Haynesville Shale discovery, he gives an honest glimpse of what it was like to work in the gas fields in 1971:

Haynesville Louisiana is where I began my oilfield career in 1971 so it is really near and dear to my heart. Worked the rigs, cemented, frac’d, and ran downhole tools for Halliburton, averaged 125 hours a week for over four years ~ beginning wage $1.35 ~ Halliburton Employment Number 50526, really good at remembering numbers. Still have all of my payroll stubs from those days because young people just don’t believe anyone worked that many hours for that little money. Heck man, we were very wealthy in those days, good health, clothes on our backs, roof over our heads and a pillow to lay our heads down on when we did get some sleep. Sometimes …. A lot of the time …. I wished that ALL of our political leaders could have walked in my shoes before being elected into their lush / evil lifestyles. Good Luck on your future endeavors.