Energy News | Wind energy exacts its own cost

turbine_spanThough some may find a clean energy future something worth bending over backwards for, residents of the communities surrounding wind farms are singing to the tune of “It ain’t easy being green.” In this article found on, journalist Kate Galbraith explores the social impact of constructing wind turbines near Seasport, Maine. The citizens of a town along the delivery route feel like they need the large, wind blade-bearing trucks like Amity Island needs another shark. And though I don’t live in a small town in Maine as the subjects of the article do, I can’t help but wonder if the bigger picture is being missed here. Someone, somewhere is going to have heavy equipment in their back yard whether it be a coal dredge, an oil refinery, or a natural gas drill like we see in Louisiana with the Haynesville Shale. Does the moving of this equipment through a peaceful town exact enough negativity to warrant stopping altogether?

-Chris Lyon, Editor of Haynesville

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