Energy News | President gives $2 billion to new solar projects

The president is allotting an additional $2 billion dollars in conditional funds to the Department of Energy specifically to help solar companies. One of the companies o receive funds is planning the largest solar farm in the world!

This is a very good, but slow start. Real change needs real reform- in the way of legislation, not just throwing money at the problem. Not that the money isn’t appreciated, but ongoing funds, subsidies, and objectives are needed and not just for solar- but wind, tide, and research for other green technologies.

On top of that we need to come up with a plan to phase out coal and oil as a fuel source and even as a cheap plastic source. Coal is friggin dirty- it’s really bad. Oil is needed for more important things over the next several thousand years to be used in cars- and we need to get out from under the thumb of foreign oil control.

Time for real change! This is a good beginning but we can’t stop here!

-Chris Lyon
Editor of “Haynesville”

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