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Haynesville – Official Site of the Haynesville Shale Documentary Film | Energy News | Review: “Kallenberg Excels With Heartfelt ‘Haynesville’”

Energy News | Review: “Kallenberg Excels With Heartfelt ‘Haynesville’”

FROM CollegeMovieReview.com:

I sit here speechless (which doesn’t happen often) after watching Haynesville, a fascinating documentary on the Haynesville Shale, called “this century’s gold rush,” located in the northwest corner of Louisiana. The Haynesville Shale is a massive deposit of natural gas thousands of meters beneath the ground, just waiting to be accessed. This reserve of natural gas, with the others already known in the States, is large enough to power the nation’s electricity for the next 104 years (which is pretty important considering that Americans use more energy and electricity than any other country in the world)! This natural gas has so many implications both positive and negative, not only for the people of Northwest Louisiana, but for the entire country.

Basically, this documentary takes everything we ought to know (but don’t) about energy: its extraction, consumption, storage (or the lack thereof), cost, uses, and effects—like pollution—and puts all of it into 72 mind-blowing minutes. “By coincidence or by God’s will, the United States is given a chance to have the cleanest fuel that will bridge it over to the next generation of fuels and technologies. That is right in front of us.”

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